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Tapered & Peg Trousers


Narrow down your options to the adaptable tapered trousers that are a definite trend setter, come work or party! A stunning range with elegant styles and bold prints, our collection in long and 3/4th includes a host of colourways. Or browse smart women’s trousers and tops for elevated weekday attire.

Navy Blue Chino Trousers (M56302) | £25
Black Chino Trousers (M56295) | £25
Khaki Green Chino Trousers (M41192) | £25
Navy Blue Linen Blend Taper Trousers (M56273) | £20
Black Linen Blend Taper Trousers (M56287) | £20
Khaki Green Linen Blend Taper Trousers (T20513) | £20
Roman Black Regular Originals Straight Leg Tapered Trouser (R75346) | £25
Black Side Stripe Track Trousers (M65518) | £30
Green Smart Belted Taper Leg Trousers (M33144) | £45
Blue Chambray Linen Blend Taper Trousers (M65508) | £20
Navy Blue/White Stripe Chino Trousers (T34075) | £26
Pink Chino Trousers (M71958) | £25